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A big life, fully human, free to love, full of passion, having enough, becoming the "you" you always wanted to be...

  Give your life AWAY.



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What is living Upside Down? 

It's having our eyes opened to the needs of our family, neighbors, community, and the world and responding in creativity to lavishly meet them. The way up is down. You over me. Over and over and over and over again. Put simply: Faith in action. 


What if we lived our lives in a way that reflected the kingdom of heaven? What if we all sang a song that made people dance inside? What if together we could turn a desperate world upside down? 





We respond.

01. share a story 

Don't underestimate the power of your story.  We all need to hear stories of kindness, sacrifice, and grace that cross racial, economic, and cultural borders. We are real people engaging in real Hope. This is light in the darkness. This is how we defeat despair. Share an Upside Down story with us below or via Instagram #liveud @live_ud 

02. wear a hat

It can start with a hat. Wear our UD hat and commit to being an ambassador for Christ. Teach with your life. Have a conversation. Easy as that.

03. Connect  

Let us help you get connected with other believers, organizations, charities, churches who are near you. Belief is the first step, the second is doing something about it. Hearts changed change lives. Live Upside Down. 





Ready to help?

Wear a hat


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